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Grandparents are Great!

July 14, 2010

As I grew up, my grandparents lived only minutes away from me. This is a blessing for which I am eternally grateful. My grandparent's home was a second home for me.

But many children do not get to experience this geographical closeness to their grandparents. This summer at the ranch I have witnessed many grandparents reconnecting with their grand kids on a horseback vacation. Is there a better way to spend precious time together? I think not.

When Grandpa and Grandson search the banks of a shallow creek together in pursuit of an illusive frog to add their stash of scavenger hunt finds, memories are made that last a lifetime. When Grandma and Granddaughter trot through an open field of wildflowers laughing together as they go, memories are made that last a lifetime.

Thank you to the grandparents who have brought their grandchildren to vacation at the ranch this summer. Your grandchildren will cherish the memories forever.

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