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My Little Cowgirl

April 6, 2013

We had some fantastic early spring weather here at the ranch and we spent every moment we could outside soaking in that vitamin D. The April showers have since arrived, but I thought I would share with you one of Emily's favorite activities during those warm, sunny days. I have to say I am pretty proud of my little three year old cowgirl. She rode my good ol' boy, JR, and one of the ranch horses, Honey, all by her self. She was very confident in her ability to ride her horse all by herself. "Mama, will you leave the arena? I want to do it all by myself!" She learned how to steer and kick to make the horse go forward. She trotted like her uncle Isaac (complete with an attempt to post) and announced that she wanted "to lope like my aunt Libby!" No, I didn't let her lope. I am looking forward to the time we will spend together with our horses this summer!

  • 544593_4712275771530_1913990358_n

Emily riding JR, my 21 year old, 16.1 hh Quarter Horse.

  • 555515_4712276971560_769641142_n

"I can do it All By My Self!"

  • 579820_4712270891408_1456141574_n

Emily trotting on Honey, one of the ranches fantatic "kid horses".

  • 893373_10151322730976046_983962491_o
  • 906197_10151322746101046_248177567_o

A cowgirl always takes good care of her horse.

  • 575650_4712271251417_1830381237_n

I am loveing her great equitation! Heals down and everything.

  • 425101_4712270651402_152401539_n

Me on Little Horse and Emily on Honey.

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Gabe even got in on the fun. He loves to ride and giggles the whole time.

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